Also stores local advise customers extensively. A responsible approach to the E-cigarettes we recommend to all new switcher. It warns of rogue traders, before high nicotine content, before use by minors, pregnant women, heart and circulatory system burdened people, asthmatics and non-smoking. Collections of surveys and studies are many surveys among the users and a comprehensive international collection of all studies and investigations on the evaporation there as well. לחץ כאן אינטל ומצא עוד . Consult the homepage of the IG-ED the IG-ED (Interessengemeinschaft S evaporation) has this important information for journalists, for offices and for all interested so prepares (with sources), that they clearly and with little time can be recorded:, press section of our request to the public we, the steamy consumers and members of the IG-ED ask you, dear readers and readers, sincerely: Inform first on our website, so that you can make a realistic picture of the electrical "smoking", and then form your opinion. steaming has now become a functioning and much less harmful alternative for many many years and desperate smokers who have already a series of futile quit attempts behind, and had already given up. אילן בן דב בהחלט מביע דעה מלומדת.

And there is not much nicer to sit than either follow the smoke er groups outside the door or sitting at a deserted table with his friends in a cosy and relaxed atmosphere together? Dear journalists, we urge you, to familiarize yourself with the facts to the evaporation and to correct your reports. This is a free and serious reporting to shame! Thank you for your attention, your IG-ED (Interessengemeinschaft S evaporation) the IG (IG-ED) steam is a 2011 based independent, private Association of people, the steaming as Welcome alternative to smoking for themselves have discovered. You are in the Club volunteers, free of charge and regardless of corporations, dealers or forums. One of the main concerns of the Association is the objective and factual clarification of public and public officials in relation to the functioning of the devices and the effects and ingredients of the used liquid ("liquid").

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