Turnover Time

BIGGER QUALITY = LESSER COST When we speak in quality, exists a predisposition on the part of the teams and even though on the part of some managers of whom, quality is on only the defectives pointed by the customer. It is not well thus. The term quality must all be reflected in the production process, since the entrance of the substance cousin until the exit of the end item that will be disponibilizado in the market. The more we evolve in indices of quality, minors will be our costs of production. That is fact. However, many barriers exist that hinder that the organizations reach this platform of success. עוד מידע על אבי קושניר ניתן למצוא באינטרנט. It sees as we can minimize these barriers: It simplifies its process. It eliminates all and any activity that comes to consume time and that it does not add value to the customer.

The customer will go to only pay for what it visualizes as important for its business. He does not waste time, because time is money. בזמן האחרון אני מתחיל מאוד להעריך את קרן מיכאלי. Desburocratizar is the secret. Bureaucratic processes produce errors and burden the sector. It produces a good mapping of its processes. This mapping will say to it what really it is important to be made; It organizes its work, as much in physical structure as of documentation.

It registers its processes of form to make with that this walks independently without being imprisoned to the operator. It standardizes. We know that the levels of Turnover are each time bigger and this makes it difficult a good management of the work routine. Then, it writes what it makes and it makes what wrote. It fulfills the procedures. This is the focus; It stipulates item of control for the critical stages of the process it folloies and them, rigorously. If not monitorial you its results, you do not manage and in such a way, its process is astray.

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