The Prussian Common

This corresponded to a second unit of its own forms in English sector, the Common Law of England and the U.S., different from the unity of European law, because American law escape, largely the influence of right Roman. Of course, this unity of the science of law in the Anglo-American world has remained essentially until the present. However, unity in the continent Europe, however it was falling apart from the eighteenth century, because as experts say, when he began the codification of the law in force until that time, was not anchored in code, but essentially emanated from Roman sources, ie demoralized that arises with the emergence of large national codes such as: The Prussian Common right; de1804 French civil code, the German Civil 1908-1912, the coding of Switzerland, the Italian civil and more. Precisely, the first consequences of these codes was that lawyers were content to forward the interpretation of these rules of national law. Not seeing beyond the limits of their nation, causing therefore the science of law and its horizon was reduced to national districts losing a large field. This obviously has affected us because we have also stalled and injured, because we have not only transcribed codes from other countries, but we are asleep and do not believe that America America has its own customs different from those of Europe, which is where we have based our codigos.a Consider that in his Pensees. Pascal asked: sobrea to base built man who wants to dominate the world? "About the whim of the individual? AMay confusion! "About right? I do not know. .