Plants Overwinter

A short guide to the right winter outdoor plants overwintering of garden and balcony plants is a science in itself; each kind of plant needed a certain treatment, so she comes right through the winter. Who can keep track there already? Bucket and pot plants large potted plants are probably most umstandlichsten to overwinter. While it is still possible for smaller specimens and potted plants in the House or the apartment to transport them, the big bucket need to out spend the winter on balcony or terrace. They suffer no damage yet, it is important to protect them; effectively against Frost and snow and thereby also the pots should not be neglected, because the frozen ice to burst brings these otherwise and the winter did not survive the plant as a result. Most importantly, that you immediately in advance prevents potential damage, such as about the use of these containers so rather no terracotta, as these highly burst.

Cold, you can protect the bucket by wrapping him in special materials, which are weather resistant and insulate the cold, jute cloth, Wicker mats and also bubble wrap. "The plant itself should be covered with a jute cloth, the airtight as possible" should be sealed to keep out the cold. The earth should not completely covered, so that she can continue to be provided with oxygen. Against the cold from the bottom to make the bucket on a special mat or on a simple wooden plank. Finally, you covered the free Earth with natural covering material, such as leaves, brushwood and bark mulch. Smaller pots and pot plants can Hibernate in the winter quarters inside a winter quarters be placed, if this fulfils the special requirements that require the plants. It is important that you set the fertilization in time so the shoots of the plants have enough time to mature.

The best time punk This would be the end of August. Cut back the plants before storing it is very important, especially for potted plants have become too large. Old leaves should also be performed before the relocation, as well as an extensive investigation on pests. Caution: The plants must not too much cast during the winter, otherwise they can be lazy! This is due to the slower, or a growth during the colder season. It is almost impossible to meet the proper requirements of wintering; for each specific requirements with the innumerable amount of different plants and their subspecies This then probably it would take a whole castle with different temperatures and lighted rooms. You can choose a good middle ground for all plants but, you should either inform themselves via the Internet using various plants, or consult an expert for garden and landscaping to plants. This care is also extensively are public landscape construction projects and private gardens, the course also preferably more than one season beautifully turfed. Forums on the Internet have published many gardeners even their knowledge of proper overwintering in several blog entries on the WWW to help inexperienced new gardeners your questions. It is very complicated, but still not impossible to properly protect his plants, if you only know where to look for the right information! Carmen Reinlein werk26

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