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I recommend reading the late Renaissance artist Giorgio Vasari, the 1550 the biographies of artists Cimabue to Michelangelo voroffentlichte and came to the following quality criteria: highest beauty, overcoming and improving nature, art of drawing, successful composition, life and vitality. His biographical dictionaries of art (Le vite dei piu corpses architetti, pittori, et scultori italiani) are a standard due to its contemporary studies currently and not only for interpretations of Renaissance art. Here, Vasari developed the assessment standards for art, whose graduation he shows up from the early Renaissance. The book appears in Einzelbanden since 2004 in a new translation in the Berlin Klaus Wagenbach Verlag. Germany has the world's highest density Art museums, also for the art production of our time.

In Berlin is thinking about the construction of a further, new facility for contemporary art. Do we really need a new art gallery for contemporary art? Too much space makes the art only worse. Since we have the construction boom, it went rapidly down with formats up and with the qualities. I think the art is in the social Constitution, we are no longer to save. "" By the contemporary scene I expect nothing more ", tells monopoly Eduard Beaucamp camp former arts editor of the F.A.Z. in the July issue of art magazine" with. He proposes to thoroughly reform the art schools, establishing methodology and performance ala Bauhaus, to develop new theories and to formulate objectives.

Also, art criticism should again earn the name. Today, the art sketches like advertising copy for the art scene is read. Names are bought, so brands, rather than works of art. Often the art buying is based on greed, because she is one of the most important driving force behind of the people. We should not demonize so greed, without which our technological innovations that greatly simplify the life would have been created. Each time finds its aesthetic expression. Those who have eyes to see, who turns the experiment for the sake of the labels with the descriptions of artwork coming after closer the personal judgment of the quality and detail the question: what is it, I guess a picture? The mastery of artistic technique alone is not my opinion, but without equipment nor is it. What today is hyped largely linked off of artistic skills, many works, lands tomorrow on the trash of history. Art and quality is a subjective consideration after studying art and I have reached many years in the art world for determining specific quality criteria. I expect a good work of art, that it represents the result of a successful composition, where nothing added and nothing can be taken away; also, that the direction of the presentation of the work was clearly chosen a picture so not in a different direction could be rotated. I presume the sovereign use of selected technology and the appropriate choice of format. In addition to the mastery of artistic means, but no aussagelose circus artistry of contemporary expression of current topics and a standalone personal style of an artist are important. Expression of high quality of artistic creation as opposed to the constant repetition of an once found trademark is the ability to variations and the development of different work groups. A masterpiece illustrates the essence of what an artist expressing able technically, formally and in terms of content. The scale at which to end every art form must be measured, expressed in the two main criteria: timeliness and duration.

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