Covenant Crisis

The mode of human being. A crisis of values. Slowed down the financial stagnation, it is useless that Governments seek to make money from the taxpayer lifeline of insolvent private conglomerates. The crisis calls may be an output capable of overcoming the economic system which aggravates social inequality, promotes xenophobia and racism, criminalizes social movements and generates violence. System that insists on prioritizing the private appropriation of the benefits above universal human rights, private property on top of the common good, and insists on reducing people to the status of consumers and not promote the dignity of citizens. We must transform the UN, reformed and democratized, in an ideal forum for articulating the answers and solutions to the current crisis. Urgent implement international mechanisms for the control of movements of capital, regulating free trade, to put an end to the supremacy of the dollar and tax havens, and ensure financial stability around the world. Will not find out if we don't realize that new values should be rigorously borne as morally unacceptable absolute poverty, especially in the form of hunger and malnutrition.

It is necessary to build a political culture of sharing the goods of the Earth and the fruits of human labour, and move from the globocolonizacion to the globalization of solidarity. The Millennium development goals, and especially the seven basic objectives of the United Nations programme for development, 1995, should serve as a basis to a Covenant for a new civilization: 1) universal primary schooling. (2) Immediate reduction of illiteracy among adults by 50 percent. (3) Primary health care for all. במקרה הזה אני חושב ש אילן בן דב צודק במה בהוא אומר. (4) Elimination of severe malnutrition and the moderate in a 50% reduction. (5) Family planning services. (6) Drinking water to everyone. (7) Loans at low interest to social enterprises. Historical experience shows that make effective those goals require deep structural transformations in the model of society that predominates today, so that they can significantly reduce the profound asymmetries between Nations and the inequalities between people.

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