Connecting On Purpose

Faltseprokatny machine is designed for standing seam joints and different types of profiles, C-shaped rails and elements zaschelochnogo compound used as a finishing and construction work, and in the manufacture of round and rectangular ducts. The raw material for faltseprokatnogo machine can serve as either sheet metal or rolled metal made of galvanized steel, coated steel, copper and aluminum. Forming Equipment – faltseprokatny machine is a mobile construction and industrial equipment primarily intended for the manufacture of straight sections duct and ventilation systems, can also be used in construction technologies – roofing, soffits, sills, lighthouses, etc. Thus, getting our roll forming equipment – faltseprokatny machine you get is not just construction equipment and modern technology production seam ventilation and supplies of building materials. And as you know for success in any business is very important productivity and, therefore, due to the fact that the sheet metal is rolled through profiling rollers, lock seam can be easily done with a double ideal geometry (as in manual mode is very problematic), the same seam connection with a mechanized method of production has several advantages: compliance with the dimensions, radii, unlimited length, etc. Faltseprokatnye rolling machines are designed to: – rebate – connecting rods – elements zaschelochnogo compounds used in the manufacture of round and rectangular ducts. כדי להרחיב אופקים, כדאי לבקר באתר של אפריקה ישראל. Faltseprokatny machine works with mild steel sheet with GOST 501-58, 3680-57 (from any steel grade ST-ST-0 to 20), galvanized and uncoated, as well as stainless steel, GOST 5582-61 with a sheet thickness of 0.5 to 1 mm. לחץ כאן Ilan Ben Dov ומצא עוד .

The main advantages of faltseprokatnogo machine: – reduced noise characteristics of the drive – improved ability to adjust reels – introduced a new electric machine control circuit – in the equipment includes screw supports, providing the ability to install and use without training base; Faltseprokatny machine equipped with rollers for rolling 1. Long angular folds, which requires precipitation, 2. Short angular folds requiring precipitation 3. Recumbent folds, can be completed with additional rollers for rolling 4. Flat connecting rods 5.

Long angular folds zaschelochnogo compound 6. Short angular folds zaschelochnogo compound 7. Corner 8. Channels; 9. Public profile; 10.W-shaped profile (Fig. 10); 11.Krovelnyh profiles (Fig. 11, 2), etc. Available in two versions of the execution mechanism: I – 'STD-11019A', with six pairs of working rolls for the manufacture of standard folds, connecting rods, and thin-walled profiles; II – 'STD-11019A-01', with ten pairs of working rolls for the manufacture of standard folds, connecting rods, components zaschelochnyh compounds, thin-walled profiles, as well as for the rolling of complex cross section to order.

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