Automotive Study: Mexico With High Potential In All Segments

New, comprehensive market study of Mexican automobile market Berlin, September 2008 – after years of weak growth, caused by strong used-car imports, the Mexican auto market recovers slowly. The high stock of used cars leads to attractive opportunities in the aftermarket. As a production location, Mexico has excellent opportunities, especially its geographical location makes it an ideal production hub. The Globis GmbH, Berlin, has analyzed the Mexican automobile market in a comprehensive study…. / Mexican_Automotive_Market… With a population of 105 million represents to Brazil and one of the largest markets all over the world the second largest market in Latin America Mexico. Strong economic growth from Mexico is also known as the miracle of Mexico.

With a GDP per capita of 8.343 USD and monthly average wages of 581 USD, Mexico is located in the midfield in the developing world. "The Mexican car market is the very high number of illegal, imported from the United States used cars affected." so Felix Kuesell, Managing Director of Globis GmbH and editor of the study. The new car market has suffered in recent years from the import of second-hand cars and showed declining trends. In the next few years we expect a reversal of the trend and slow, but growing new car sales. The high stock of old cars, which constantly increases due to more imports, provides excellent opportunities in the aftermarket. With rising income at the same time the demand for high-quality spare parts.

The aftermarket will become a very attractive sector with a growth of 6% annually until 2010. There are still no fixed market structures in the spare parts market, and only a few market participants to serve the local market. Even with the cover of workshops and spare parts stores, there are still significant opportunities. Mexico is made perfect as a production hub for cars and car parts by its location. Mexico is one of the most producing countries is worldwide with already 2 million vehicles produced per year. The In addition, its attractiveness as a production site promote numerous trade agreements of Mexico. Especially through NAFTA, access to the North American market is facilitated, although even here regulations and duties incurred. The new study Mexican automotive market: Passenger cars, suppliers and aftermarket, 2007/2008-2010 "of Globis GmbH from July 2008 the current developments in the Mexican automotive industry, including suppliers and spare parts market, 90 pages, represents comprehensively and in detail with 51, tables and graphics. The study will cost from 890 plus VAT and can be ordered directly from the Globis GmbH (by phone at 030 / 400-549-0 or via order form on the Internet at. Further information about the study find themselves). The Globis GmbH, Berlin, is a market research and consulting company with multilingual analysts and consultants and a large pool of domestic and foreign interviewer. Special competences are in the field of market entry strategies.

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